My Business Path is the expert when it comes to eliminating the frustration, anxiety, stress and expense associated with
financially tough times.




Debt of any kind is stressful, but when your livelihood and potentially your personal assets are on the line, it quickly takes over and becomes a terrifying burden that preoccupies your time and takes your focus away from running your business.

It doesn’t matter how your company ended up in debt, what matters is the actions you take to rectify the situation and protect your company from future financial stress - and that’s where My Business Path can help.

We have always focussed on and built our company around you, the client. Building relationships that not only tackle the immediate debt burdens but also create a strong financial future for your business is where we excel and it’s how we’ve helped hundreds of Australian companies just like yours become debt free, protect their assets and keep their businesses running.




At My Business Path we take pride in being open, honest and sensitive when it comes to working out short-term solutions to protect you and your company and a long term solution to get your business back on track.

The consultation we offer is very comprehensive and designed to reassure you that there are options available to you, that you are in safe hands and to ensure the best and most appropriate outcome for your business. Reducing your debt and getting back on track can take anywhere between a month to two years, so we want to make sure we build the best foundations - and trust - for working together to improve your financial situation and relieve you of the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights that debt causes.

There is no obligation to continue using our services after the free consultation.


It all begins with a free consultation.

We get in touch with you to really understand your business and the issues you’re currently facing. Together we will discuss your business structure, assets, staff, debts and personal liabilities. This free consultation can take up to an hour to truly understand your needs and how we can help, that’s why we ask for a phone number.




We offer some immediate solutions that will help protect you and your assets.

These immediate solutions are a fantastic way to get clarity around your financial situation and reduce your stress and anxiety by understanding that there are a number of solutions to your financial issues and that you’re not in it alone.




You provide additional documents and information.

Once we have had an initial conversation and discussed potential courses of action and you have had a chance to ask any questions we request some documentation to help your case. These may include your financials, profit and loss statements, assets and liabilities and any other relevant supporting documentation.




We review your case.

We review all of the information provided and so we can offer you advice tailored to your unique business and financial situation. This service is still part of our initial consultation and no fees will be charged to review your documents and your company’s financial situation.




We offer you a complete solution.

Once we have a concrete understanding of your debt and the path we will need to take, we will offer you a more complete solution, including time frames, costings and if relevant, any third parties that will help your case.



Get started. Book a FREE consultation today.

Take the first step to getting your business and finances back on track by arranging a completely free consultation with the debt experts at My Business Path. There is no obligation to use our services if you are unhappy with the solutions we present.