Like any business owner, you want the best for your business, which is why we've assembled the best in the debt solution business to get your finances back on track.





When facing uncertain times in your business, you need to have the best of the best by your side to guarantee the most favourable outcome for your business. This means a team of experts with years of experience, who have proven results in helping companies just like yours to get their finances back on track.

That's why My Business Path has assembled a team of experts in debt solutions, who have a combined experience of over 100 years, helping hundreds of Australian businesses every year to take back control of their businesses.




Andrew Quinn is changing the face of the insolvency industry, disrupting a stagnant approach to business turnaround that consistently fails the average business owner. Andrew's vision is to improve traditional debt management solutions by partnering with business owners before their opportunities are limited by legal circumstances.


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BRUCE WHALL - PARTNERbruce-whall-mbp


With over 30 years of experience in senior management across a spectrum of industries, Bruce is a true expert at translating talent into turnover and passion into profit. For Bruce, the secret to a successful business is having a clear idea of the value of your business and this the key to unlocking your company's growth and profitability.


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Mark is uniquely qualified to provide you with the assistance you may need when faced with personal insolvency. Drawing on 18 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mark combines specialist knowledge with excellent communication and negotiation skills to help you navigate personal insolvency. 


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With more than thirty years' experience in accounting - specialising in business performance - Gabby is perfectly placed to see how the finer details fit perfectly with the bigger picture. Gabby places emphasis on a systems and processes approach to ensure effective operational management and business process improvement, which both have a huge effect on the bottom line of your business.


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John represents a new generation of finance broker - whose detailed and intimate knowledge of creditors, their products and their terms goes beyond simply securing the best deal for your business to providing ongoing support and advice. Specialising in mortgage, asset, commercial finance, refinance and debt consolidation John has your business' best financial interests at heart. 


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Gerrie understands the DNA of business and what it takes to launch, build, grow and sell a successful business, having built and exited a $25 million software consulting business in 6 years. He is passionate about sharing his business methodology with other business owners, through mentoring them to achieve similar results for their companies. 


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