Case Study: Civil Construction Company

In this Case Study, My Business Path stepped in to assist the company across a three month period, using Voluntary Business and Business Restructure to resolve cashflow and management issues, while significantly reducing debt and allowing the business to continue trading. Read how we made this happen.

Appointment Details


Voluntary Administration
Business Restructure




3 months

The Financial Situation

In this Case Study, this small Civil Construction company with a workforce of 25 staff came to My Business Path 

  • turning over decent money but facing continual cashflow and management problems
  • just under a $1m in debt with assets in business operations


The Solution

My Business Path's role in relation to the business was to

  • work alongside the company through the Voluntary Administration process 
  • restructure company management and assets protected 
  • negotiate with creditors to reduce and repay debt
  • setup invoice factoring facilities
  • introduce new accountants


The Results

My Business Path worked closely with the business to see

  • a significantly reduced debt portfolio to $600,000 with repayments made across three months
  • the company gain financial and operational stability with successful cashflow management
  • business continue trading and staff retain employment



The people are real. The businesses are real. My Business Path designed a tailored solution that worked. 

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