five signs heading for the rocks

5 sure signs your business is on the rocks

Most businesses fail. It’s a fact of the Australian market. Indeed, this is true globally. That’s not to suggest that most businesses need to fail. Incompetence and mismanagement are the […]

wind up application

Why a ‘wind-up application’ doesn’t mean you need to wind things up

A wind-up notice is a formal, written document informing a business that it’s required to meet with its creditors in court. This is done to identify if the business can […]

winding up application video

What do I do if I’ve received a winding up application? [Video] By definition, a winding up application is the final stage a creditor takes in collecting money which is owed.If you’ve received an application to have your company wound up, […]

informal restructure workout

An unusual debt solution: informal restructuring and the ‘workout’

There are many ways to deal with creditors that don’t involve getting tangled up in bankers, courts or trade creditory. If terms like ‘administration’ and ‘insolvency’ leave you terrified, you […]