Resurrect Your Business Finances This Easter

As we head into Quarter 4 towards the the Financial New Year, the Easter Long Weekend is ideal to take stock of our financial problems and reclaim our mental balance – and even nosh on a few chocolate bunnies and eggs.

Traditionally, Easter is the season for rebirth and renewal. As a 4-Day Weekend, it offers all the factors for wellbeing to rest and recover from the New Year. This time can be used wisely to prepare for the end of Financial Year with the inevitable reflections on business, stocktake, profit & loss statements, tax returns and yearly reports. To start the Financial New Year off with a bang, follow our tips to get proactive and your money matters in order, and Resurrect Your Business Finances This Easter.


Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Life is a mystery and you never know what’s going to pop up - so make the most of this time to be with family. Give yourself permission to take time out from the mental strain and pressure of debt problems. Make the promise to deal with your finances once the holidays are over. By giving the situation some much-needed distance, you will be doing yourself – and most importantly, your family - a favour.




Easter is the time for sharing, so along with sharing your chocolate, share your problems too. Debt creates a mental burden difficult to bear alone. Talk it out with someone you trust, such as a close friend or financial expert - like us. Talking about it eases the mind and takes you out of what seems an inescapable bubble to explore perspectives for clarity, advice and solutions.


Hop To It

Take strength and confront your financial situation with confidence. When we’re in debt, we tend to ignore telephone calls and letters fearing the worst. But by ignoring the problem, they won’t go away and will only get bigger. You’ve got this!


Build Your Nest Egg

Organise your paperwork, look at cashflow and get your finances in order. Complete a basic profit and loss report to understand your true financial position for the next few months. The information might not be welcome, but being in the know is better than being in the dark.


Turn Down The Heat

Seek expert help. If you think your debt problems are so severe you can’t see a clear path for the trees, the right help will find the right solution. No financial problem is too complicated that the experts can’t find all the ways to ease the financial and mental anguish.


Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

They say 'Never put your eggs all in the one basket', but this isn't when they’re chocolate eggs and it’s a My Business Path basket - because then you’re more likely to succeed. We offer a variety of services that aim to to get business – big and small – out of debt and back on track, As specialists in Business Restructure, Voluntary Administration and Liquidation, we use these as tools to turn business around and keep trading for a positive future with sustainable business growth.

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