How Mobile Is Changing Business

We explore the impact of mobile phones on business - and what we can do as, business owners, to keep up in this brave new world of automation and devices.

From connecting to advertising, guiding, educating, informing and transferring data, the world is in the palm of our hands and at our fingertips. As mobiles have transformed our lifestyle, it’s certainly revolutionised the way we do business. Now, we use our mobile phone to engage, employ and make sales with an app for everything to make life easier.

Technology continues to improve our lives and lifestyle with small businesses adaptable, innovative and creative enough to harness its full power. Mobile is changing the world, allowing Small Business To Compete In A Big Business World. Follow our tips and see How Mobile Is Changing Business to keep your business performance at the ultimate levels.



No one enters business to just focus on administration and read spreadsheets all day. And thankfully in this modern day and age of scaling back on business, there’s an app for everything, from accounting to banking, project management, time management, ordering food, paying for coffee, buying a boat, streaming sports, listening to music, reading the news, booking a restaurant - and so much more. The never-ending flood of apps in the marketplace present the most obvious basics of business: supply and demand. We are technology smart enough to use at least one native app or mobile systems to run business. A host of apps allow productivity and organisation to be at our fingertips, such as Project Management Asana, File Storage Dropbox and Google Drive, and even Graphic Design Tool Canva.



As the latest buzzword, Mobile Optimisation means offering the ideal experience for mobile. Google’s latest algorithm confirms that mobile is the focus, benefitting websites that concentrate on SEO, stays relevant with fresh content and backlinks and are responsive, secure and well-built. Optimisation also extends to advertising for social media and google. When it comes to designing - be it a website to an ad - design for mobile first, device next and desktop last.

Keep the design image driven, the font large and legible and copy grammatically correct, succinct and to the point
Enhance the experience by also adding maps, social share links to social media, video, click to call and one-stop checkout to your website.

If you want to test if your website is mobile friendly, Google has created this handy link for you to run your own check >here<.



Understandably, AI is a hot trending topic and Chatbots are taking instant engagement with the customer to the next level as emails on adrenalin – all conveniently from our very own website or on social media. Prompted by needing a quick answer to a question, solving a problem or requiring more details, Chatbots such as Slack, Messenger ChatWhatsapp, Lead Chat, LiveChat and many more are really boosting business. They’re certainly convenient for our customers but they’re also ideal for our business by creating conversations leading to sales. Given Amazon are seemingly onto a winner with their virtual assistants, it stands to chance that the value of Chatbots will only increase in time.


Cyber Security

Nearly 75% of the workforce will be mobile within the next few years. And a more mobile workforce means increased risks in cybersecurity. The loss of one phone, tablet or laptop can potentially put the security of an entire company at risk. Everyone is vulnerable to online hacks, from major corporations who will draw hacker attention to small businesses who may lack cybersecurity systems. Native apps and mobile friendly with data segregation on Virtual Private Networks are the way of the future, alongside Two Factor Authentication, login passwords for each device and a great password manager.


Remote Offices

As Bricks and Mortar becomes more and more expensive, working remotely is looking to be the business of the future - Quartz at Work particularly noted it could even save you thousands of dollars every year. The benefits of remote work mean access to a workforce unlimited and unrestricted by location with higher productivity and frequent occasions of working in pyjamas. While the reality sees homes turned into an office or the friendliest coffee shop with great wifi in the nearest vicinity serving up a desk, the cost on mental health from days of loneliness minus the office culture of morning teas, after work drinks, celebrating milestones and distractions of office politics still needs a delicate counterbalance.



The future of shopping is online - Emarketer claims ecommerce sales will top $4 Trillion by 2020. Appealing to our sense of instant gratification, mobile commerce means online shopping has to be personalised, innovative, user-friendly and risk free.


Service In Business

As our customers’ expectations change and expand, excellent customer service is adding an extra layer of value to business. This means being available and making a concentrated effort to reply to messages, emails and chatbot messages within hours. This also means keeping our social media and google listing updated while monitoring where our customers are online to continue developing customer relationships.



The business model of subscription-based businesses are also expanding across the marketplace since it can be built into almost any service or industry. Subscription services with automated payments is a win-win situation, allowing for budgets and sale projections from monthly fees to serve as the strong foundations of sustainable business.

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