What happens when a business is put into administration [Video]

When a company is placed into administration, it usually means that your business isn’t able to manage its cash flow, so an administrator is appointed to help you manage your operations and debts.

At My Business Path we work with you to help prepare your business by safeguarding you wherever possible. This will help you achieve the best possible outcome from an administration. We will do the heavy lifting with the administrator, freeing you up to focus on getting your business back on track. We see administration as an opportunity that provides you with an additional pair of eyes and potentially helps you retain ownership of your business.

Helping you to reduce your debt, retain your assets and allowing you to hold on to what you’ve build is important to us, with the key point being that we will not only prepare your business ahead of an administration, but work together with the administrator for the best possible outcome. 

Learn more about administration and how we can help here.

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